About: Bernard Favre

Bernard Favre’s double-axis Planet watch winders keep your automatic watches wound at an optimal level so that they are ready to wear at any moment, look fantastic and are mesmerizing to watch in operation.

Unlike many watch winders on the market, the Bernard Favre’s double-axis Planet does not overwind watches thanks to the nine program options, ensuring an optimal winding setting for any timepiece.

Years of research and development have led in 2011 to the realization of the first watch winder that rotates on two axes to better replicate the wrist’s movement.


Through that dialogue, we learned that there were longer-term watch storage needs that we had yet to fulfil. Knowing there was more we could do for our fellow watch enthusiasts and their timepieces, we sought to collaborate with Bernard Favre, a highly respected and market-leading pioneer within the watch winder space. While watch winders were something we had always wanted to develop, to hear from our customers that they wanted watch winders from us too was a big source of our motivation.

Bernard Favre Watch Winder
Released in 2011, following years of development, Bernard Favre’s double-axis ‘Planet’ watch winder keeps your automatic timepiece wound and safe within their glass-encased gyroscope. By utilising three-dimensional movement, Bernard Favre’s watch winders mimic a wearer’s wrist movements to ensure that your watch is kept wound to the optimal amount, while also keeping it out of harm’s way and on display for your viewing pleasure. On top of their utility, these watch winders also move your watch in a hypnotic dance that is intriguing to watch and something only a luxury watch winder can provide.

With an emphasis on mechanical perfection and sublime craftsmanship, it is no surprise that every Bernard Favre watch winder must pass several tests before it can leave their manufacture. Using only the highest quality hand-assembled materials in their watch winders, Bernard Favre has created beautiful, functional and luxurious watch winders that you can be proud to own and store your cherished timepieces within. It was important to us that our luxury watch winders deserve to display, store and wind the luxury timepieces that our customers have entrusted our them to wind.

The Collaboration Watch Winder
By combining our Italian marble base and TWS branding with Bernard Favre’s iconic double-axis watch winder, the result is a product that eclipses all of its competitors and stands proud at the apex of luxury and utility. Manufactured in Switzerland with nine programme settings to choose from, our ultra-silent high-efficiency TWS x Bernard Favre watch winders can ensure your watch is ready to wear straight away thanks to the mysteriously hypnotic kinetic ballet that occurs within and keeps your watches wound.

With our watch winders for sale as either single watch winders or a dual watch winders, you can rest assured that we will be able to fit your watch winding needs. With white and black marble bases available on our single watch winder and black for our dual watch winder we know you will love our watch winder’s aesthetic and appreciate their beauty as watch winder boxes – acting as a way to store your beloved timepieces, while also keeping them safe, wound and ready to be worn at a moment’s notice.

Watch Winder Benefits
It is also important to note that these watch winders feature an ultra-silent high-efficiency Swiss motor that runs for three months on a single battery charge, which is itself capable of being charged by a USB cable. While this might seem like a relatively small detail, out automatic watch winders are very portable around the house, office or wherever you want to place them. Unlike other watch winders that can only be charged at a wall socket, our automatic watch winders can be charged through your laptop, TV or anything else that has a USB port. On top of that, as they are silent, you can allow your watch winder to operate throughout the night in your bedroom without the risk of its noise keeping you or your loved ones up.

Here at The Watch Stand, we have thought about what will create the best user experience possible, and the Bernard Favre double-axis ‘Planet’ watch winder comes out as the best watch winder available. As watch collectors ourselves, it is what we would use, and after all, that is the golden criteria for every product we create, and with our watch winders, that certainly rings true.